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About Washington Law Firm

Every legal matter is unique in its context and its complexity. Each one demands flexibility and innovative thinking. Expect Washington Law Firm to identify those new ideas that will directly address your business issues and resolve your high-stakes legal matters.

Washington Law Firm is headquartered in Los Angeles, representing individuals and companies of every size. The firm is recognized for its premier practice, providing business advice to a broad range of companies.

Washington Law Firm was founded by Desiree T. Washington. Her entrepreneurial spirit, flexibility, and innovation continue to define Washington Law Firm. The firm’s culture respects the individual’s abilities, which have combined to make Washington Law Firm a premier practice in Los Angeles.

Washington Law Firm takes a deliberate approach to each client’s legal challenge and business opportunity, always with the goal of reaching an effective, concrete resolution. Our perspective allows us to understand our client’s business and evaluate legal issues in terms of business realities and objectives.

The firm is defined by its combination of pragmatism and innovation. We develop our solutions to protect and advance our clients’ interests—with innovative thinking, a collaborative spirit, and breakthrough strategies.