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Washington Law Firm’s Bankruptcy Practice provides a full range of counseling and advocacy services to individuals and businesses. We work with our clients to cost-effectively structure, negotiate and document a wide range of debt reduction solutions.
Many of our clients are client-referrals. They confidently send their friends, family and colleagues to Washington Law Firm because they know that Desiree Washington and her team of lawyers will provide the utmost in professionalism, efficiency and confidentiality.
The Bankruptcy Practice is about your future. With Desiree T. Washington and Washington Law Firm by your side, you may take control of your finances once again and secure your future.


The Firm's Corporate Practice provides a full range of business counseling services to a wide variety of private and publicly held domestic and international businesses. We work with our clients to cost-effectively structure, negotiate and document a wide range of corporate transactions.

We are especially pleased to announce our new Cannabis Law Practice. The Cannabis Law Practice asists individuals and companies at all stages of the development, supply, and distribution chain as they navigate the ever-changing landscape of the Cannabis business as the USA moves towards Federal legalization.


At Washington Law Firm, the principal guide on which we base our representation of clients in disputes is to gain an understanding of the value and significance of the controversy to the client and to resolve it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We are proud of our trial reputation. We are prepared and willing to try cases and work with our clients to ensure their confidence in proceeding through trial.

Our preparation and reputation have made it possible for us to successfully resolve cases before they reach trial, on favorable economic terms, where such an outcome is desired by our client and consistent with the client’s goals. We represent individuals and companies in complex litigation and alternative dispute resolution proceedings across a broad range of industries and matters.


Representing oneself in a criminal defense case in California is an intricate and time-consuming endeavor. Navigating the legal intricacies surrounding charges such as arson, assault & battery, DUI/DWI, drug offenses, red light camera violations, speeding, hit and run incidents, homicide, nuisance, loitering, and vandalism can be overwhelming. That's why clients turn to Desiree T Washington and Washington Law Firm for their expertise.

With a deep understanding of California's complex legal system, they provide comprehensive support and strategic counsel. Their track record of success in defending against a wide range of criminal charges makes them the go-to choice for individuals seeking a formidable defense in the face of legal challenges.


Desiree T. Washington: Your Trusted Advocate in Elder Law

Elder Law encompasses a wide range of legal issues that affect older adults, from estate planning and guardianship to long-term care planning and elder abuse cases. Desiree T. Washington's expertise in this specialized field ensures that her clients receive the dedicated and knowledgeable representation they deserve.

One of the standout qualities that sets Desiree T. Washington apart is her genuine compassion for the elderly. She understands the unique challenges and concerns that seniors face, and she approaches each case with empathy and sensitivity. Whether you or your loved one needs assistance with creating a comprehensive estate plan, navigating the complexities of Medicaid planning, or addressing issues related to elder abuse or neglect, Desiree T. Washington will guide you with care and dedication.

If you or a loved one require legal assistance in Elder Law matters, don't hesitate to reach out to Desiree T. Washington. With her expertise, compassion, and unwavering dedication, she will provide you with the excellent legal services you need to navigate the challenges of aging with dignity and peace of mind.


Whether you're an employee facing workplace issues or an employer seeking legal guidance, Desiree T. Washington is the attorney you can rely on for exceptional Employment Law representation in Los Angeles, Torrance and throughout California. Her expertise, personalized approach, and unwavering commitment to Wasington Law Firm's clients' rights make it the premier choice for navigating the complexities of Employment Law with confidence and success.

Employment Law is a complex and rapidly evolving field, encompassing issues ranging from workplace discrimination and harassment to wage and hour disputes, wrongful termination, and contract negotiations. Desiree T. Washington's extensive knowledge and experience in this area make her the top choice for those seeking legal assistance.

One of the key reasons why Desiree T. Washington excels in Employment Law is her ability to provide personalized and strategic solutions. She understands that every case is unique, and she takes the time to listen to her clients, assess their specific needs, and tailor her legal strategies accordingly. Whether you're an employee seeking justice for workplace injustices or an employer in need of guidance to ensure compliance with labor laws, Desiree T. Washington has the expertise to deliver results.

Desiree T. Washington is a fierce advocate for workplace fairness and employee rights. She has successfully represented clients in discrimination, harassment, and retaliation cases, securing favorable outcomes that have restored justice and dignity to her clients' lives. Her track record of achieving settlements and verdicts in Employment Law cases speaks volumes about her dedication to securing justice for her clients.


Desiree T. Washington is well-versed in the intricacies of sports and leisure law. She represents music artists, writers, pruducers, athletes, and organizations in matters related to contract negotiations, development and production, sponsorships, disputes. Her understanding of this specialized field ensures her clients' interests are protected.


When life gives you a lemon, you need more than just lemonade; you need a dedicated legal advocate who knows the ins and outs of Lemon Law. Look no further than Desiree T. Washington and Washington Law Firm, your go-to source for top-notch lemon law representation and counseling in Los Angeles, Torrance, and across the entire state of California.

Lemon Law is a specialized area of consumer protection law designed to safeguard the rights of consumers who unknowingly purchase defective vehicles or products. It can be a frustrating and challenging experience, but with Desiree T. Washington's expertise, you can navigate this complex legal landscape with confidence.

Desiree T. Washington possesses an extensive understanding of Lemon Law statutes at both the state and federal levels, which is crucial in helping her clients seek recourse against manufacturers and sellers. Whether you've purchased a car, motorcycle, RV, or another type of consumer product that is consistently plagued by defects, Desiree T. Washington will champion your cause, ensuring that you receive the compensation or replacement vehicle you deserve.


Desiree T. Washington is a seasoned attorney with expertise in personal injury law, the legal practice area that deals with cases in which individuals have suffered physical, emotional, or psychological harm due to the negligence or intentional actions of another party. These cases can encompass a wide range of incidents, including car accidents, slip and falls, medical malpractice, product liability, workplace accidents, and more. Personal injury law allows victims to seek compensation for their injuries and losses, which can include medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and property damage.

Dealing with a personal injury can be emotionally and physically challenging. Desiree T. Washington offers compassionate support to her clients, helping them cope with the aftermath of their injuries while vigorously advocating for their rights.


Breach Of Contract (Buyer And Seller)

When a dispute arises between a buyer and seller after the sale or purchase of residential real estate, buyers sometimes assert claims of breach of contract against the seller. This can also arise in the context of a failed transaction, in which the seller has declined to close escrow, and the buyer sues to enforce the contract or seeks damages, or where the buyer has refused to complete the transaction after the contingencies have been removed.

At Washington Law Firm, the firm provides practical advice on how to avoid such disputes, or, if a breach of contract claim arises, how it can best be asserted or defended, depending on whether the client is a buyer or seller. We also provide clients with advice on how such claims are best avoided, so as to achieve the best possible outcome at the lowest possible cost to the client.

Landlord and Tenant Law

Washington Law Firm has vast experience in defending both landlords and tenants in real estate disputes.

Landlord: Our firm provides representation to protect the landlords’ rights while maximizing their profit for both residential and commercial properties. In the eviction process, our experienced attorneys comply, both substantively and procedurally, with all applicable laws, thereby avoiding delays, unnecessary expense, and possible liability to the tenant for wrongful eviction and/or criminal sanctions.

Tenant: Our firm provides representation to protect the tenants’ rights in situations where they are facing unwarranted eviction or other legal disputes where they have been taken advantage of by negligent landlords.

Development/Sales/Leases: Residential And Commercial

Washington Law Firm will guide you thorough planning and precise contracts will help avoid many business disputes and save money, building productive relationships in the process. When problems involving purchase and sale agreements, we have extensive experience in all types of non-disclosure cases. Whether it is our clients’ business property or their house, we are cognizant of the uniqueness of real property.

We advise clients as to the most effective way to secure and hold title to real estate, whether, joint tenants, tenants in common, or community property (CA is a community property state). We strive to ensure title is passed in a timely manner absent unexpected surprise, stress, and excess expense to all involved parties.

The firm can guide the lease preparation process from beginning to end, whether for landlord or tenant, sole proprietor or major company, a few hundred feet or a major commercial lease. The meticulous drafting and skillful negotiation, of a lease requires specific knowledge of the clients’ objectives to build an open and effective Landlord-Tenant relationship.

No matter how detailed a lease is or how thoroughly it was developed and reviewed, disputes often arise concerning the provisions of the lease. We analyze our client’s objective and then thoroughly chart the path to make sure our client’s ultimate goal is met. This includes commercial disputes involving enforcement of exclusive use provisions, commercial unlawful detainer, property management, tenant improvement issues, assignments, leasing, pass-through provisions, Common Area Maintenance (CAM), recapture provisions, brokerage agreements, and more.


Veterans' rights are sacred, and Desiree T. Washington Law Firm stands ready to honor and protect them. We understand the unique challenges veterans face, from housing issues to securing benefits and addressing discharge concerns.

Our firm is dedicated to ensuring that those who served our country receive the support and justice they deserve. With our expertise in veterans' law, we provide unwavering advocacy, helping veterans navigate complex legal processes to secure housing, access benefits, and address discharge issues.

When veterans are in their time of need, Desiree T. Washington and her team at Washington Law Firm are here to stand with them, defending their rights and fighting for a brighter future.

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